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The Most Common Causes of Malpractice in Emergency Rooms

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When you visit the emergency room, you expect to receive treatment quickly. But that speed coupled with the sheer number of other patients needing help can increase the chances of medical malpractice. And the sooner you reach out to a Chicago medical malpractice attorney, the easier it can be to make your case and get you the money you deserve. But before you can do that, you need to understand the top causes of malpractice in emergency rooms.


In the emergency room, every second matters. This means doctors may be under pressure to quickly assess your condition. The faster they move, the greater the risk is that they’ll misdiagnose your condition. In some instances, that misdiagnosis won’t result in any significant damage beyond perhaps a delay in receiving treatment that improves your condition. However if the misdiagnosis results in further injury or the delay in receiving the proper treatment leads to a more severe injury, the doctors involved may be liable for medical malpractice.

Mistakes Made in Emergency Surgeries

Surgeons are some of the most skilled physicians but they can make mistakes. If they do when you’re receiving an emergency surgery and the mistake results in an injury or worsening of your condition, they may be liable for malpractice. Some common surgical mistakes include the following:

  • Operating on the wrong part of your body
  • Failing to remove all tools and debris before closing the incision
  • General incompetence
  • Causing nerve damage
  • Mistakes made due to fatigue

Your Chicago medical malpractice attorney can help you examine your case and determine if filing a malpractice suit is in your best interest.

Not Following Hospital Policies

Cutting corners may make wait times shorter or help patients get treatment faster, but doing so can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit. Doctors are expected to follow hospital policies in every situation. This is because those policies outline and dictate the standard of care that all hospital staff members are expected to follow. If a doctor or nurse fails to follow those standards of care and you suffer an injury as a result, they may be liable for malpractice.

Medication Errors

In emergency rooms, doctors and nurses work quickly. This can lead to mistakes when prescribing or administering medication. If you’re prescribed a medication that won’t treat your condition or are administered a medication that wasn’t prescribed to you, the individuals involved could be liable for medical malpractice.

How to Prove Malpractice

Just operating on the belief that you are the victim of medical malpractice isn’t enough. You need to be able to prove that malpractice actually occurred. This means showing that the physician breached their duty of care and that the breach resulted in an injury.

Every situation and every case is different. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced Chicago medical malpractice attorney from the very beginning.

When you schedule your consultation, you’ll want to provide them with as much information as you can. This may include your medical records and any documentation that shows the extent of your injuries before and after receiving treatment. They’ll use these documents and your testimony to determine whether you have a case and, if you do, to build your case for court.

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