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Chicago Attorneys Fighting For First Responders Suffering From Occupational Diseases

As a first responder in the Chicagoland area, you are likely exposed to various hazards every day. Not only do you have to work around obvious physical dangers like car accidents, criminal activities, and open flames, but you might also have to work around substances that could make you ill. You might even have to work directly with people who are sick and contagious, which puts you in danger, too.

In acknowledgment of your profession’s high risk of illness, you might be eligible to receive disability benefits if you have been diagnosed with a serious, chronic, or terminal illness that prevents you from holding gainful employment. Anesi Ozmon, LTD, would be happy to help you explore your options and secure all the benefits available to you. To show our thanks for your service to our municipalities, we proudly offer free, no-obligation consultations to first responders!

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How Occupational Diseases Spread

Have you fallen ill and cannot return to work because of it? Are you fairly certain that your illness began because of your work? If so, then you might have an occupational disease that makes you eligible to receive disability benefits that let you recover without worrying so much about your finances.

Two primary sources for occupational diseases are:

  • Contagious patients: Health care workers who assist with emergencies, like EMTs are perhaps the most at risk of catching an occupational disease. While responding to a call, they might have to assist someone with a contagious disease but not even know that it is the cause of their symptoms. Occupational diseases contracted by EMTs during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic increased noticeably across the country.
  • Unsafe materials: First responders who are exposed to unsafe materials can contract dangerous diseases like cancer due to them. The longer that they are exposed to these materials, the higher the risk will be that an illness will form. For example, some firefighters work with fire extinguishing agents that are known or probable carcinogens, but they must be used because they are the only materials that can effectively put out certain fire sources. Firefighters are also exposed to known carcinogens when extinguishing fires.

What If Your Illness Is Not Work-Related?

If it can be shown that your illness or disease was caused by your occupation, then it should be easier to get the disability benefits that you need. Our team can help you review your options if this is the case.

Additionally, if your illness was caused directly by your employment, then you could potentially be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ comp is technically a separate system from long-term disability. Let our lawyers help you figure out where you can get benefits and for what reason so you can rest as comfortably as possible.

Speak With A First Responder Disability Lawyer Now

Occupational disease claims can be complicated, especially if it is difficult to get a medical expert to confirm that your work caused your illness. Make things simpler for yourself by teaming up with Anesi Ozmon, LTD, in Chicago. We proudly help first responders get all the legal assistance and benefits that they need to recover comfortably, which might include long-term disability benefits that last for years. Find out more today by contacting our firm now.