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Chicago Lawyers Serving First Responders And Helping Them Claim Their PEDA Benefits

At Anesi Ozmon, LTD, we proudly offer our legal counsel and representation to the brave men and women who act as first responders in our cities and communities. If you have been injured on the job, and your injury prevents you from working, then we want to be the legal team you trust to help you understand your rights through the Public Employee Disability Act (PEDA). This Illinois-specific law provides disability benefits to certain first responders, but not without its potential complications. We can help you seek the benefits you deserve without any of the headaches.

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Who Is Eligible For Peda Benefits?

PEDA offers specific benefits for police officers and firefighters. Furthermore, it only applies when a police officer or firefighter is injured “in the line of duty,” whereas other forms of disability benefits can trigger after any injury or illness prevents the claimant from returning to work. If you were hurt while responding to a call, then PEDA benefits might be available to you.

Different Peda Benefits

If you qualify for PEDA benefits, then what can you expect? There are a variety of important benefits available, but they can vary based on the severity of your disability.

Three of the most important PEDA benefits include:

  • Paid disability: Firefighters and police officers who are eligible for PEDA benefits can receive 100% of their pre-injury salary while on disability. Typically, disability benefits only provide a percentage of an injured worker’s salary. Full salary PEDA benefits can last for 52 weeks or one full year.
  • Secured pension: While receiving disability benefits through PEDA, the beneficiary can still earn credible service time for their retirement pensions. In other disability situations, pensions can be frozen or accrued credits can be reduced.
  • Continued benefits: If an injury causes a disability that lasts for longer than the one-year PEDA benefits coverage, then the police officer or firefighter can file for temporary total disability (TTD) under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

It is also worth mentioning that using PEDA does not require the beneficiary to first use sick time. Furthermore, the beneficiary might be able to receive further compensation to make up for unearned vacation time and overtime pay.

Protect Your Future – Let Us Help

If you have any questions about how to get PEDA benefits as an injured police officer or firefighter in the greater Chicagoland area, then know that our attorneys are ready and waiting to lend a hand. We first opened our doors in 1955, so you know you can trust in our experience. Going above and beyond for our clients is the norm at Anesi Ozmon!

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