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Compassionate Chicago Attorneys Helping Children Who Have Suffered Serious Injuries

Any serious or catastrophic injury is always a matter of great concern, regardless of the age of the person injured. But when a child is injured as the result of a car crash, medical malpractice, recreation accident, or another incident involving negligence or an unsafe product, the challenges are even greater. Special needs related to the development of the child soon become apparent. Lifelong care may be necessary.

Discuss your child’s case with our child injury attorneys at Anesi Ozmon, LTD, in Chicago, Illinois. Since 1955, our law firm has been committed to fighting for the injured, recovering millions of dollars for accident victims. Examples of our child injury cases include recovering $4 million after a failure to diagnose meningitis caused a girl’s death, and $260,000 for a teenager whose calf was lacerated during a bleacher accident.

Recovering Compensation To Cover Your Child’s Future Medical Expenses

Daily care and treatment of a child recovering from a catastrophic injury can be very costly. Financial strains can be an even greater problem than logistical solutions for many families coping with the injury of a child. For example, a child with a catastrophic spine injury may eventually need a motorized chair, a lift, an adapted van for transportation and other special equipment, and devices and accommodations, such as widened doorways and ramps inside and outside the home.

Other considerations to keep in mind during the recovery and rehabilitation of an injured child include the following:

  • Aggressive, appropriate physical therapy and medical treatments such as corrective surgeries can make a great difference in the ultimate recovery outcome. Surgeons often advise waiting until a child has reached a particular stage of development before completing all recommended corrective surgery.
  • Psychosocial needs may pose special challenges through various stages of development.
  • Special education and tutoring may be necessary.
  • Personal care assistance may be more or less costly at various times of life. When a child is small, parents may perform tasks that will require paid helpers to do at later stages of life. Costs may also rise over time due to inflation.

Our attorneys will work with medical experts and other professionals to determine the care your child will need throughout their lifetime. We will use that information to help you recover full compensation to protect your child’s well-being, including compensation for future surgeries, special accommodations, physical therapy and personal care assistance, if necessary.

Adeptly Handling Cases Of Injuries To Children – Free Consultations

At Anesi Ozmon, LTD, we zealously represent children recovering from serious injuries and living with resulting disabilities, fighting to ensure that they receive all available compensation needed to cope and thrive.

Contact our Chicago injury attorneys to schedule a free initial consultation after your child has been injured in a car crash, a playground accident or another type of accident.