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Chicago Attorneys Representing Injured Union Workers Statewide In Workers’ Compensation Cases

Last updated on June 14, 2024

At Anesi Ozmon, LTD, we proudly represent union workers in Chicago and throughout Illinois who have been injured on the job or due to working conditions. Our firm recognizes the importance of construction laborers, tradespeople, and other union members when it comes to the development and continued prosperity of our nation’s largest cities – and we believe in protecting the rights of those workers everyday.

Since 1955, we have made it our mission to build meaningful relationships with Illinois’ hard-working men and women. We have supported numerous union causes and events, as well as legislative initiatives designed to protect workers’ rights, safety, and success.

Proudly representing union members from:

  • BA Local Union #150
  • Dixon Laborers’ Union
  • Galesburg Laborers’ Union
  • Ironworkers’ Local Union #111
  • Ironworkers’ Local Union #393
  • Ironworkers’ Local Union #498
  • Ironworkers’ Local Union #63
  • Ironworkers’ Local Union #444
  • Laborers’ #231 Union
  • Laborers’ #751 Hall
  • Laborers’ Local Union #996
  • Laborers’ Local Union #152
  • Local #1 Trustee
  • LUINA Local Union #225
  • McHenry County Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Local #17 Heat and Frost Insulators
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – Local Union #176
  • Plumbers’ Local Union #130

If you are a union worker who has been injured on the job in Illinois, reach out to our Chicago union worker attorneys today to learn how we can help.

How Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Different For Union Workers

Union membership does not prevent a worker from receiving workers’ compensation benefits as mandated by Illinois law. Being in a labor union does not affect your eligibility if you meet the qualifications for workers’ compensation.

It is worth noting that unions have a significant rile in determining the benefits union members receive. By engaging in bargaining agreements and creating labor contracts, a union can secure a wide array of benefits, including workers’ compensation. This way, if you are hurt on the job as a union member, you can review your collective bargaining agreement to determine how to claim your benefits.

Our extensive experience in these legal issues can help you navigate the challenges of collective bargaining agreements and labor contracts. Our lawyers will work with you to confirm what benefits you are eligible for and help you pursue them through both your employer’s insurance and any additional union policies.

Hiring Your Own Attorney Vs. Using A Union-Provided Attorney

When seeking workers’ compensation as an injured union worker, you might have access to attorneys provided by your union. It is possible that you are required to consult with these lawyers first. Our attorneys belive in providing our clients with honesty and transparency in our work. If we feel that a union-provided lawyer can better serve your needs, we will advise you of this so you can do what is best for you. Alternatively, if we believe that you can benefit more from our experienced team of attorneys, we will be sure to help pursue the ideal outcome in your situation.

Get The Representation You Deserve

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