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 Local Attorneys Helping Our Police Officers Claim Their Disability Benefits

Anesi Ozmon wants to thank all police officers and law enforcement professionals in Chicago and throughout Illinois. To show our gratitude, we are proud to offer our award-winning representation to police officers who need to file a claim for disability benefits, just as we have been doing since opening our doors in 1955. If you can’t continue working due to an injury or illness, then please call us. It would be our honor to help you get the benefits you need to recover and live comfortably.

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Injuries In The Line Of Duty

It is no exaggeration to say that police work is among the most dangerous occupations. When dangerous situations arise, police officers are expected to respond and do their best to protect others, even if that means confronting violent offenders. There are also many times when a police officer responds and is put in severe danger without there being a criminal violation occurring. If a police officer becomes too injured to continue working safely, then they deserve disability benefits to help them recover and keep financially afloat.

Injuries that can occur in the line of duty for a police officer include:

  • Gunshot wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Exposure to unsafe substances

Most police officers spend a good portion of each workday behind the wheel of a patrol car. This puts the officer at an inherent risk of harm caused by negligent drivers, too. Whether you were hurt in a car accident while driving around Chicago or when responding to a call, our team of attorneys wants to help you get the disability benefits you need, such as wage replacement and ongoing rehabilitative care.

Unrelated Disabilities And Injuries

Unlike workers’ compensation claims, disability claims are not fully dependent on your injury’s relation to your occupation. If you suffered a serious injury or illness while you were off duty, then you should still be able to file for disability benefits in most cases. What is more important than the disability’s source is the way the disability interferes with your ability to work safely or at all.

Did you get hurt while off duty? You should explore your disability options with our help. Do not think that you are ineligible for disability benefits because you were not on duty at the time of your accident.

Protecting The Rights Of Protectors

Anesi Ozmon and our police officer disability lawyers are proud to protect the rights of our police officers throughout the Chicagoland area. When you want to make a disability claim simple, start by reaching out to our compassionate and professional legal team.

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