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  • You always have my back and are very professional.

    You always have my back and are very professional. Your team seems very smart, is not intimidated by any other lawyers, and is willing to take on a case simple or complex. Thank you for helping me and my family.

    – Mark N.

  • I am grateful for their services, very professional at all times.

    Good communication in replying to my messages immediately, letting me know of any changes. The lawyer and assistant were very kind and respectful, I am grateful for their services, very professional at all times.

    – Miriam D.

  • Highly recommend

    I would just like to say to everyone at the firm, this is about Jeff Alter, I know that you all there have large and much more profitable cases than mine, the people that Jeff and his secretary had to deal with are simply scandals and that is being polite, but Jeff and his wonderful secretary fought for me and my family, I was off work over this for over a year. Medical bills . . . just a lot of uncertainty, fear and just being taken great advantage of, my settlement is only a few dollars, less than $4,000, this is in no way due to lack of working hard and vigorously for me [sic].

    – Eddie F.

  • Great job well-done THANK YOU

    The firm and John Popelka handled my case very professionally and very efficiently. Done in a very quick manner. I will definitely recommend the firm and JOHN POPELKA to all my family and friends. Great job well-done THANK YOU

    – Glenn F.

  • Very satisfied

    They did a great job with helping me with my workmans’ comp case. I would recommend this law firm to anyone that’s in need of a lawyer.

    – Jeremy M.

  • I can’t thank you both enough! Honestly!

    I just want to let you know between Jennifer and Lisa, you two are awesome attorneys and I will recommend you both till the end! I love your service and positivity throughout the process! Thank you both for all you have done! I honestly felt so comfortable with your service from the start! I can’t thank you both enough! Honestly!

    – Joseph H.

  • Thank you again

    No words that I have or can say will explain how amazing Anesi Ozmon, LTD, did. Doug Colby and his assistant Crystal Hart worked so hard it felt like I was their only case. Communication was unparalleled. Their caring and hard work is unmatched. If every lawyer was like Mr. Colby. We’d be in a better position as a country. Through his hard work and dedication, he got me a settlement my family deserved. Thank You again

    – Anonymous

  • Anesi Ozmon, LTD, has long been a friend to our family of Ironworkers

    Anesi Ozmon, LTD, has long been a friend to our family of Ironworkers dating back to my husband’s father, Ronald W. Polk, who was President of Local No. 1 years ago. No one ever wants to pursue lawyers after an injury. However, at times, it is one’s only recourse for time lost, pending doctor bills, and negligence. Doug Colby and Mark Novak have always been there for our family when someone was injured or merely to seek advice. I cannot fully express my gratitude to Doug Colby for handling my husband’s recent case for me with deep compassion and professionalism. It is my privilege to know him. Thank you for always being more than an attorney. Thank you for being a caring friend. Linda Polk Wife of Daniel W. Polk.

    – Linda & Daniel P.

  • I would wholeheartedly recommend the firm to anyone.

    I have used this firm on a couple of different occasions. My last encounter was with Jennifer Kelly. She told me that upfront my case was going to become somewhat difficult, due to a preexisting injury. She was able to obtain exactly what I asked her to in the beginning; my medical and my time reimbursed. She also was able to get the medical lien, from my health insurance carrier, reduced to only 10% of the actual bill. I would wholeheartedly recommend the firm to anyone.

    – Anonymous

  • I highly recommend Mr. Figlioli and his entire team to anyone who wants a team of experts that are responsive to all your legal needs

    I used David Figlioli to handle my disability application and I was awarded my disability thanks to Mr. Figlioli’s hard work and expertise in the area of disability law. I also moved my worker’s compensation case from a different law firm to Mr. Figlioli. Mr. Figlioli was able To negotiate a satisfactory settlement with the insurance company and avoid a trial. He was able to accomplish everything I requested in less than ten percent of the time that the previous law did. I highly recommend Mr. Figlioli and his entire team to anyone who wants a team of experts that are responsive to all your legal needs in a very timely and professional manner.

    – John J.

  • I am very pleased with the experience.

    I am very pleased with the experience. Even with my imperfect language, you found me easy to understand and you were very professional in your work. I appreciate the entire staff as well. They were always very helpful and accommodating. Crystal answered any questions or needs I had right away and was always very pleasant. I’m grateful to Mr. Colby for the help and patience throughout the whole process.

    – Anna B.

  • Forever grateful

    Working with Douglas Colby, Steve Wade, and Crystal Hart for the last seven years was nothing short of simply amazing. I needed someone who was knowledgeable, determined, and willing to fight for my rights and needs. These lawyers and their assistants kept constant open lines of communication in all forms. I was very happy with the outcome of my case. The professionalism and kindness that was shown to me is something I will always be thankful for. I cannot recommend these lawyers, their assistants, and the firm itself enough to anyone and everyone. Thank you.

    – Samantha R.

  • Forever grateful

    Love the services of everyone with their support and prayers for me and my family ? I thank yall love

    – Gregory C.

  • Highly recommend

    Felt confident that I could trust John Popelka. Was referred to him by someone and referred him to 3 others. Will use him again! Thanks!

    – Adam J.

  • Thank you for your hard work and knowledge!

    Jeffrey worked very hard for me and kept me informed throughout the whole process. He comes highly recommended and will be in your corner. Very personable and easy to speak with about everything. You cannot go wrong with your decision! Thank you for your hard work and knowledge!

    – James D.

  • Wholeheartedly recommend

    David Figlioli had been with me from the beginning of my difficult Worker’s Compensation case as an injured firefighter. He guided me through the process of payroll, PSEBA Benefits, What to expect from Physical Therapy, and making sure I had the right medical care for my injuries. As my future pension benefits were “On the Line”, David was instrumental in making sure I correctly applied for a disability pension based on my injuries and stood next to me at my pension hearing as I plead my case with the pension board. David was instrumental in guiding me through my nearly five-year W/C case and always gave me the facts of what could or could not happen and allowed ME to make my own decisions with his guidance. David helped secure future medical payments through a Medicare Set Aside for my injuries. If you are in Law Enforcement or a firefighter, I wholeheartedly recommend David Figlioli and Anesi Ozmon, LTD!

    – Anonymous

  • Highly recommend

    Handled my case very well. Had very informative answers to my questions and made me feel better about the whole situation. I would highly recommend these services.

    – Corey J.

  • I greatly appreciate everything.

    Efficient as always. Extremely professional and informative. Anything I needed or had questions about was answered in a timely fashion. From the answering service to the attorney, there was always a courteous voice and calming advice and information given when needed. I greatly appreciate everything. I have and would refer your law office to anyone I know who might need great representation, including myself returning for service if I ever need it. Thank you once again.

    – Kevin B.

  • Hands down the best law firm.

    There are tons of law firms. But when you go to court you want the best, not the rookies. That is the reason I hired Anesi Ozmon, LTD. I wanted to have the best advantage and I did. Hands down the best law firm.

    – Robert B.

  • I felt like I made a friend

    I was very pleased with the way that John Popelka handled my case. In addition to him being very knowledgeable and professional, he made me feel comfortable throughout the entire ordeal. Great communication helped put my mind at ease as well, he was always there, very accessible. I felt I had made a friend with John.

    – Anthony D.

  • Highly recommend

    Really appreciate how everything is explained in full detail, and all questions are answered. Jennifer is great! I was very comfortable chatting with her felt like I have known her for years!

    – Vernica A.

  • Very satisfied

    I worked with Doug Colby and the experience was great. The people were friendly and professional. The outcome met my expectations and more.

    – Frank G.

  • Highly recommend

    100% satisfied! I was so impressed that I was always able to reach my lawyer, and if I had a question after business hours I would get a call first thing the next business day.

    – Russell L.

  • Keep up the good work.

    I am working with Lisa Ciharan and find her to be an excellent communicator who always responds to my inquires within a day. In my career, I have worked with many lawyers, and she is one of the best I have worked with. She is not only professional but also is a caring individual. It is obvious from the work she has done for me that the firm that backs up her work is well organized and familiar with all aspects of the law and legal procedures that impact my case. Keep up the good work.

    – Leonard W.

  • This is an outstanding firm.

    This is an outstanding firm. I had two cases running in unison. All the attorneys worked together and stayed on top of your case. They take the time to explain the step-by-step processes and show great patience and understanding. They are very well known and respected in the courtrooms, which helps us the client tremendously…

    – Garrett B.

  • Highly Recommend

    Scott Sands at this firm handed my car accident case in a swift and professional way. Scott was able to settle my case for the maximum amount possible. Anesi Ozmon, LTD, is my preferred law firm.

    – Joe C.