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How Much Does Workers Comp Pay in Illinois?

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When you’re injured on the job, getting the money you need to focus on your recovery is an absolute must. And luckily, workplace injuries qualify for workers’ compensation coverage. This coverage provides you with a portion of your income while you’re unable to work. But how much can you expect to receive? Your Illinois workers’ compensation attorney explains.

Illinois Follows the Average Weekly Wage Calculation

Every situation is unique and the amount you’ll receive from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider will depend on your regular wage. In Illinois, workers’ compensation settlements typically provide you with up to two-thirds of the average weekly income that you earned before your injury. The calculation is as follows:

Keep in mind that this calculation assumes you’re working for the same employer on a full-time basis.

So, say you earned $800 per week on average before your injury. When you file for workers’ compensation, you’ll likely receive roughly $533 per week while you’re unable to work.

What Happens if You’re a Part-Time or New Employee?

If you’re a part-time employee, the amount you’ll receive will be two-thirds of your average weekly income, even if you’re not working the full 40 hours. If you’re working a second job, the earnings from your second job will factor into the total average weekly income you earn and can be used to increase your total settlement.

If you haven’t worked for the same employer for a full year, don’t panic. The amount you’ll receive will be based on an employee earning the same hourly rate as you are at the same approximate number of hours worked each week.

The Duration of Your Benefits Depends on Your Situation

Now, the length of time that you’ll receive your workers’ compensation benefits will depend on the severity of your injury and your doctor’s prognosis. If they expect that you’ll be able to return to work quickly, the benefits may not last that long. But if you’re out of work for a month or more, you’ll continue receiving payments until you go back to work, even if you can’t return to your job for several years. If you think your injury is severe enough that you’ll be unable to work indefinitely, you’ll want to speak with an Illinois workers’ compensation attorney about disability.


Disability payments can be permanent and help you get access to the money you need to make ends meet since you’re unable to perform your normal job duties.

You May Be Entitled to Additional Compensation

Remember, workers’ compensation insurance providers are always looking out for their bottom line. It’s in their best interest to give you a lower settlement or to deny your claim altogether. That’s why it’s essential to work with an experienced attorney before you accept the initial settlement. Your attorney will be able to review your case and help you decide if the settlement is fair or if you’re entitled to additional compensation.

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