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How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in Illinois?

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Getting into an accident can lead to serious and expensive medical bills and repair costs. But those physical damages aren’t the only ones you may end up experiencing. You may also deal with pain and suffering after the accident which can impact your ability to live your life, to go to work, and to function as normal. That’s why some accident victims choose to work with an Illinois personal injury lawyer to sue for pain and suffering.

But since pain and suffering is subjective, figuring out how much you should sue for in damages can seem tricky. To more accurately estimate the value of your pain and suffering, your personal injury lawyer will use either the multiplier method or the per-diem method. Here’s what you need to understand about both calculations.

The Multiplier Method

The multiplier method calculates a dollar amount for pain and suffering by assigning a numerical value to the severity of your injuries. In most instances, attorneys use values between 1 and 5 with 1 being the least severe and 5 being the most severe. The multiplier is then used to determine the full extent of your pain and suffering based on the economic damages you suffered in the accident.

Say you’re facing a $3,000 car repair bill, medical bills totaling $25,000 after your accident, and a loss of income from your job totaling $30,000. That means your total economic damages are $58,000 from the accident. Now, say your injuries have resulted in a dramatic change in the way you live your life. Perhaps you now have crippling anxiety or the injuries you suffered prevent you from working in the same position you’ve held for years. If your case is assigned a multiplier of 5, your attorney would ask for $290,000 for pain and suffering on top of the $58,000 economic damages you suffered.

The Per-Diem Method

The per-diem method assigns a dollar value to your pain and suffering on a daily basis. This method is typically used for shorter-term pain and suffering. Your attorney will estimate the value of your pain and suffering on a daily basis and multiply that amount by the number of days that you’ve experienced the pain and suffering or the number of days you’ll likely experience the pain and suffering.

Which Method Is Best?

Both the per-diem and multiplier methods attempt to accurately value your pain and suffering. And both will work in similar ways. There isn’t one method that’s better than the other since it all depends on your case, your projected recovery, and the severity of your pain and suffering. That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced Illinois personal injury lawyer. They’ll help you determine which method is best suited to your case and which will give you the most accurate estimate.

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