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Why You Need a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney After a Slip and Fall Accident

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For business owners, slip and fall accidents can represent a major headache, but for the person injured in the accident, they can lead to long-term pain and suffering and life-altering conditions like spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. With fall and winter on the way, slip-and-fall accidents will increase in frequency and if you’re injured in a slip-and-fall accident, consulting with a Chicago personal injury attorney is an absolute must. Here’s why.

Your Attorney Can Gather Evidence on Your Behalf

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when creating a slip and fall injury case against the business is collecting the evidence needed to prove that the business was responsible. Between your work obligations and personal responsibilities, you may not have enough time in the day to get everything taken care of.

Your personal injury attorney will be able to gather that evidence for you. Even better, they know what types of evidence will benefit your case most. They’ll know what to look for, what to ask for, and how to track down any additional information needed to represent you best.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Establish Liability

For most slip-and-fall accident cases to be successful, you’ll need to establish liability. If the business is found liable for your injuries, the settlement will likely be larger and your lawsuit against the business will have a better chance of being settled in your favor. Experienced personal injury attorneys in Chicago are aware of the common violations businesses make when it comes to preventing slip and fall accidents, especially during inclement weather. This means they’ll be able to make a stronger case if you end up having to go to court.

They Know What Settlement Offers Are Fair

It’s not uncommon for a business’s insurance provider to offer a settlement after a slip and fall accident. But if you’re reviewing the settlement on your own, you risk accepting an offer that’s lower than you deserve. Personal injury attorneys have experience negotiating with insurance companies and can advise you before you accept the insurance company’s offer.


If they decide that the settlement amount is too low or believe that you may be able to recover damages for pain and suffering or other injuries resulting from your fall, your attorney will be able to represent your interests. They’ll communicate with the insurance company and business on your behalf and can make arguments that may result in a larger settlement.

The Court System Is Difficult to Navigate on Your Own

If you end up having to go to court to prove that the business was liable for your injuries, you’ll want to have an attorney on hand to represent your case. They’ll help you navigate the court system and will represent your interests in every court hearing. Keep in mind that many personal injury lawsuits settle out of court and your attorney may be able to spare you the headache of dealing with long-winded court proceedings.

Work With a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney You Can Trust

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident and suffered long-term neurological issues, spinal cord damage, or a traumatic brain injury, you may be entitled to compensation. But the best way to get the compensation you deserve is to work with an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney.

Contact the team at Anesi Ozmon today and let our experts review your case.