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Injured While Riding: Why You Should Work With a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Chicago

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Motorcycles may be a great way to get around the Windy City, but they’re not without risks. Unfortunately, accident and injury rates seem to keep going up year after year and that means you’re at risk of getting hit anytime you’re on your bike. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, the best thing you can do is work with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Chicago. Here’s why partnering with an experienced attorney is a great idea.

There’s an Inherent Bias Against Motorcyclists

Unfortunately, motorcyclists have an undeserved reputation for being reckless. While some riders do break the rules of the road and endanger both themselves and others, most riders are responsible. But as a motorcyclist, trying to convey this to the police and at-fault driver’s insurance company can be tough at best. An experienced Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer will add an air of professionalism to the entire situation and can help shift the narrative in peoples’ minds where they assume that you’re responsible for the accident.

They Have a Network of Professionals to Rely On

Proving fault for any accident can be difficult, but when the accident happens between a car and a motorcycle, proving fault can be even harder. Motorcycle injury attorneys have a network of experienced accident reconstruction professionals they can use to help show that you weren’t responsible for the accident.

Even better, they have access to expert witnesses who can attest to the extent of your injuries and the difficulty of your recovery.

They Can Collect and Analyze Evidence

When you’re injured in an accident, you need to focus on your recovery. That means going to doctors, finding ways to continue earning an income, and doing what you can to get back to life as normal. You don’t have time to gather evidence, speak with witnesses, or track down police reports.

When you work with an experienced attorney, they’ll be able to handle the evidence collection on your behalf. And since they’re familiar with motorcycle accidents, they’ll be better equipped to analyze that evidence to build the strongest case possible.

They Know What Counts as a Fair Settlement

Insurance companies actively look for ways to save money and that often means giving you low settlements that may not be enough to cover the cost of your injuries. But if you’re not familiar with the tactics insurance companies use or the average settlement amounts attorneys can help you receive, you may end up accepting a lower settlement than you should.

Your attorney will be able to represent your interests with the insurance company and may help you get a better settlement, even if you don’t go to court.

Work With an Experienced Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured in an accident while riding your bike, don’t navigate the claims process on your own. Work with an experienced motorcycle attorney in Chicago who can represent your interests and help you get a fair settlement. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how the team at Anesi Ozmon can help.