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What Is the Illinois Public Employee Disability Act?

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Many of the individuals who are hired to perform particularly dangerous jobs are employed by local, state, or federal governments. Law enforcement officers, firefighters, and many emergency medical responders are just a few of the professionals whose job duties are executed on behalf of the public’s interest and whose salaries are generally paid for with public funds. When public employees who perform dangerous work are hurt on the job, they are often eligible for benefits and other forms of compensation that are not available for private-sector workers.

For example, the state of Illinois protects certain rights of first responders through its Public Employee Disability Act (PEDA).

Assistance for Injured Public Workers

PEDA has been in place since 1997. Its aim is to mitigate the financial hardships often associated with being injured while performing particularly dangerous work. Eligible public employees are generally entitled to compensation under this act when they are injured badly enough while working that they cannot return to their position of employment while they recover.

PEDA benefits allow workers to receive the full value of their regular income for up to one year. This is a greater value than the reimbursement of up to two-thirds of one’s income offered by the state’s workers’ compensation system. PEDA also protects eligible public workers from losing the following benefits while they are recovering from occupational harm:

  • Compensatory time
  • Paid time off
  • Sick leave
  • Service credits
  • Vacation time

A wide range of public workers are eligible for PEDA benefits, so this is an opportunity worth exploring if you have been injured while operating as a public-sector employee.

Additional Benefits

Note that if you are hurt while executing your duties as a first responder, you may be entitled to various kinds of compensation in addition to or instead of PEDA benefits. When you attend a free consultation at our offices, we can discuss any of the following kinds of compensation that may be applicable to your situation:

  • Crime victim compensation
  • Firefighter disability pension
  • Personal injury damages
  • Police officer disability pension
  • Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (PSEBA) compensation
  • Workers’ compensation benefits

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