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Preventing Construction Scaffolding Accidents in Chicago

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Federal data has confirmed time and again that falls are the leading cause of both non-fatal injuries and death within the construction industry. Therefore, any efforts concerned with preventing workers from falling are welcome additions to the broader conversation about keeping construction professionals from sustaining harm while they are on the job.

One of the most useful fall prevention strategies involves the proper utilization of safe scaffolding. Scaffolding serves as temporary structure so that workers who are operating off the ground can execute their job duties on stable footing. When managed properly, scaffolding can significantly mitigate fall-related injury risks for construction workers. When managed improperly, scaffolding accidents can serve as a catalyst for injurious falls.

Hazards that Contribute to the Risk of Scaffolding Accidents

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3,250 construction professionals suffered significant injuries as a result of scaffolding accidents or issues during 2020 alone. As a result of how commonplace these accidents are, preventing them is not an insignificant concern. These are some of the primary hazards that lead to scaffolding accidents:

  • Failure to implement or enforce a fall protection plan
  • Lack of training leading to preventable risks
  • Proximity to electrical hazards increasing electrocution risks
  • Overloaded scaffold leading to collapse
  • Unsecured materials on the scaffold leading to object-strike injuries
  • Unstable scaffold leading to collapse


Maximizing Scaffolding Safety

Thankfully, there are a host of ways that workers and employers can minimize the risk that scaffolding accidents will occur, injure workers, and bring construction on a project to a halt. These are the primary ways in which those interested in preventing such accidents can invest in worker safety:

  • Access scaffolds safely
  • Engage in falling object prevention protocols
  • Institute and enforce a fall prevention program
  • Honor load capacity limits
  • Mandate the use of fall protection equipment
  • Perform inspections before and during use
  • Properly restrain scaffolds
  • Train workers in safe scaffolding procedures

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