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Chicago Construction Workers – What to Do When You are Hurt on the Job

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Chicago construction workers are a famously tough class of professionals. Not only do they often complete intricate work at great heights, but they also do so while battling famously windy, rainy, snowy, foggy, freezing, humid, and wretchedly hot conditions.

As a result of the fact that they are a strong, determined, and talented group, it can be tempting for individual workers to “suck it up” when they’ve sustained acute injuries, developed chronic conditions, or been diagnosed with an occupational illness. They may think to themselves, “I’ve been through worse” or “I’ve seen my buddies deal with worse.” And while these thoughts may be well-founded, it remains vitally important to seek medical attention and legal guidance in the wake of sustaining construction-related harm.

If you’ve recently been hurt in an accident, exposed to toxic substances, or developed a repetitive stress injury due to your work in the construction industry, failing to safeguard your interests now could compromise your ability to keep providing for yourself and your family later. Depending on the nature of your particular circumstances, you may be entitled to one or more kinds of compensation. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can focus on healing so that you can return to your job when you’re truly ready to do so.

Workers’ Compensation

Although some construction workers who operate as independent contractors are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance, virtually all others are. In Illinois, employers are required to provide this coverage, even if they only have a single worker on their payroll. This coverage requirement applies regardless of whether workers are citizens, residents, or undocumented.

Because the Illinois workers’ compensation scheme isn’t rooted in concerns about fault, construction professionals are generally entitled to these benefits whether they were injured as a result of their own actions or someone else’s conduct. Workers’ comp is available for both repetitive trauma conditions and for acute injuries caused by accidents or acts of violence on the part of someone other than the worker who is filing a claim.

Personal Injury Damages

When acute injuries or occupational illness develop as a result of another’s negligence, recklessness, or intentionally hazardous choices, a construction worker who is suffering physical, work-related harm may be in a position to file a personal injury lawsuit. The only party that may not be sued in civil court for work-related injuries is a plaintiff’s employer. When companies in Illinois pay into the state’s workers’ compensation scheme, they assume limited liability protection that largely insulates them from the risk of being sued by one of their own injured employees.

With that said, suing a manufacturer of defective industrial equipment, a distracted driver who plowed through a construction zone, or a disturbed co-worker who showed up at job site with a gun has traditionally been an effective way for workers who were hurt due to no fault of their own to secure both economic and non-economic damages as a result of the harm they’ve suffered.

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It isn’t always easy to know how to proceed after getting hurt on the job. Thankfully, you do not need to manage the legal and financial consequences of your condition alone. The experienced team of construction injury attorneys at Anesi Ozmon, LTD. can advise you of your options, advocate aggressively on behalf of your interests, and work hard to maximize any and all compensation you’re rightfully owed.

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