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What are the Causes of Warehouse Racking System Collapses?

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A racking system collapse is one of the most devastating types of accidents that can occur in a warehouse. Racking systems are the shelving units that store all of the merchandise and materials in a warehouse. These systems are incredibly sturdy and usually built to last, but they can still collapse under certain circumstances.

Corners Are Continuously Cut During Warehouse Construction

When a new warehouse is being built, there are many corners that can be cut in order to save money. One of the most commonly overlooked areas of warehouse construction is the racking systems. In some cases, the racks are often not installed correctly, or they may not be made from the strongest materials which can lead to many problems down the road, especially if the racks are not properly secured to the floor or ceiling.

1. Improper Installation

Even if the racking system is made from high-quality materials, it will not be effective if it is not installed properly. The racks need to be appropriately bolted into place to provide the necessary support. If they are not installed correctly (i.e., improperly placed base plates, spacers, etc.), they can quickly become dislodged and fall over.

2. Forklift Damage

Forklifts are a necessary part of any warehouse, but they can also be one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment. If a forklift is not operated correctly due to inadequate training, it can easily collide with the racks and cause them to topple over. This is why it is so essential for forklift operators to be trained properly and to follow all safety protocols.

3. Overloading the Racking System

One of the most common causes of racking system collapses is simply overloading the shelves with pallets of material. If too much weight is placed on the racks, often due to improper and uneven loading, the joints where the rack is at its weakest point can destabilize and collapse.

4. Design Defects

In some cases, the racking system may be designed defectively. This means that there is a flaw in the way that the racks are put together. If the racks are not tall enough or not wide enough, they could become more susceptible to collapsing under the weight.

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