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Top 5 Construction Accidents in Chicago

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According to recent studies, Chicago ranks 8th in cities for new construction, with over $100 billion budgeted for upcoming projects. This abundance of new construction creates a wealth of job opportunities for skilled tradespeople. However, more workers on construction sites mean an increased potential for construction site injuries.

“Focus Four” Hazards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines four types of accidents as the “Focus Four” hazards in the construction industry. These four accident types have remained the leading causes of injury and death throughout the years, being responsible for nearly two-thirds of all construction fatalities in 2019.


Accounting for 401 fatalities in 2019, falls to lower levels are the leading cause of death among construction workers. In 2020, falls alone injured nearly 182,000 workers, making up more than fifteen percent of total workplace injuries. The source of these accidents generally varies between ladders, roofs and scaffoldings, with roofs being the most prevalent source.


Struck-by accidents are responsible for more than ten percent of workplace injuries. These accidents occur when a worker comes into contact with an object, a piece of equipment or a transport vehicle. Almost 53% of all struck-by accidents involve materials or equipment, primarily falling objects. Recent data has reported falling equipment accidents to be on the decline while struck-by transport vehicle accidents continue to increase.


Electrocution is a considerable risk that construction workers face every day as they are vulnerable to live and exposed wiring. Death by electric shock makes up a little over seven percent of fatalities caused by OSHA’s Focus Four hazards. Even when electric shock is not fatal, the injuries it can leave can be permanent.


Resulting in over 35,000 annual workplace injuries, caught-in/between accidents occur when a worker’s body or body part is caught and either compressed or crushed in a piece of equipment, machinery or collapsing materials. Common types of caught-in/between accidents involve machinery with moving parts, becoming buried by materials or pinned by construction equipment.


Causing nearly 255,500 workplace injuries last year, overexertion can occur from workers lifting or pulling heavy objects, working in hot environments or not having adequate rest. Overexertion can be traced back to working too long without a proper break, performing a task without adequate training or carrying out duties beyond one’s physical ability.

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