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Anesi Ozmon Partners Steven Berman and Brian Teven Obtain $4.55 Million Settlement in Multi-Defendant Personal Injury Action

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May 15, 2018, Anesi Ozmon Partners  Steven A. Berman and Brian D. Teven, obtained a $4.55 million settlement in a multi-defendant personal injury action. Anesi Ozmon filed suit on behalf of a 55-year-old, Chicago resident, self-employed in trucking, who suffered severe and permanent injuries after he was caused to lose control of his motorcycle on a public road.

The driver lost control of his motorcycle as he encountered an unmarked construction site with ground-down pavement and exposed manhole and sewer covers in the roadway. He struck his head on the pavement and suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury requiring surgery and hospitalization. The driver has experienced multiple and continuing post-traumatic epileptic seizures as a result of the injury. Furthermore, he has suffered continuing cognitive dysfunction that affects his normal life and daily activities on an ongoing basis.

“Motorists have a right to expect that roads will be safe to travel and that all construction zones will be marked with proper warning signs,” Berman said. “A well-maintained road, proper construction signage, and a safe construction work zone could have lessened our client’s life-altering accident. The settlement we carefully negotiated provides our client with the highest possible financial compensation so that he may continue to live a productive life.”

“From the onset, we had a lot of difficulties because our client had no memory of the crash, and a police officer who witnessed the accident believed our client may have lost control before he entered the work zone,” said Teven. “However, after a detailed investigation as well as numerous depositions, we were able to show that the negligent maintenance of the roadway and the poorly marked and improperly secured construction site contributed to the crash and our client’s serious injuries.”

“I am proud of our highly qualified, effective legal team at Anesi Ozmon,” said President and Managing Partner John M. Popelka. “It is our priority to take a client-centered approach as we consistently achieve the highest financial compensation possible. Steve, Brian, and our entire team worked tirelessly to uncover the facts in this case, and the settlement they secured brought great relief to our client and his family. We know that the true measure of our success rests in the satisfaction of our client.”

The Plaintiffs filed suit in Cook County.