Chicago General Practice Lawyers

One thing most people appreciate from a law firm is consistency. While most things are separated and specialized in modern life, it is a nice convenience to have one law firm that can handle almost any legal issue that is likely to arise in your life.

For this reason, Anesi Ozmon, has maintained a general practice department for more than 30 years. This department initially was created as a service to our existing injury clients in the event they should require legal representation in other areas of the law. Over the years, the general practice department has expanded and is available to both our injury and noninjury clients throughout Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

Our Practice Areas

In addition to our highly successful personal injury and workers’ compensation practice, we represent clients in cases involving:

  • Family law: including divorces, prenuptial agreements, post-decree, matters and child custody disputes
  • Estate planning: including the drafting of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other estate planning vehicles
  • Real estate: including contracts for the purchase or sale of real estate, closings, and landlord-tenant disputes
  • Criminal law: including traffic arrests and citations, as well as other related matters
  • Bankruptcy: including both individual bankruptcy, as well as filing claims in bankruptcy court as a creditor

What began as an ancillary service to our injury clients has now developed to the point where Anesi Ozmon is a full-service law firm, representing individuals whenever their legal rights need to be protected.

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