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Workers’ Compensation Vs. Short-Term Disability: Which Should You File For?

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When you’re injured, there are programs in place to help replace a portion of your monthly income so you can still cover your regular expenses and focus on your recovery. Two of the most common programs are workers’ compensation and short-term disability. However, before you can file a claim, you need to figure out which program is right for your needs. Here are a few things to consider before you approach your Illinois workers’ compensation attorney for help filing the necessary paperwork.

Consider How You Were Injured

Workers’ compensation only covers injuries that happen on the job. This covers injuries resulting from the performance of your duties, even if the tasks you’re performing are outside the scope of your normal responsibilities. It doesn’t matter if the injury was easily avoidable or a fluke accident. As long as it happened while you were working, you’re eligible for workers’ compensation, even if you were working away from your company’s property.

Short-term disability insurance covers all injuries, even if you’re injured outside of work. For example, if you get hurt on the way to work or while playing with your dog at a park, short-term disability insurance will help replace a portion of your income while you recover.

Look at Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Though workers’ compensation claims are often approved, you’re not guaranteed to receive a settlement. If your claim is denied, your first move should be to work with an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney. However, if your claim is still denied, even with legal help, you may still qualify for short-term disability.

If your claim is denied, speak with your attorney and discuss your options. They’ll be able to advise you and let you know what the best next steps are.


Think About How Long Your Recovery Will Take

If you’re injured on the job, filing a workers’ compensation claim is almost always a good idea, even if the injuries don’t seem severe at first. Remember, it can take time for the full extent of your injuries to become known, and by not filing, you put yourself at risk of having to pay for medical care out of pocket.

However, if you’re not injured at work, you’ll want to consider the severity of your injuries before filing a short-term disability claim. It may not be worth the hassle if your injuries are not severe and you anticipate a return to work quickly. However, if you think you’ll be out of work for several weeks or your doctor tells you that you’ll be unable to perform even light or modified duties at work while you recover, filing a claim can be a good idea.

Not Sure Which Choice Is Right? Let Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help

Figuring out if you should file a workers’ compensation claim or a short-term disability claim isn’t always a straightforward process. If you’re injured at work in the performance of your duties, filing a workers’ compensation claim is always a good idea. However, if your claim is denied, you’ll want to speak with an experienced attorney to discuss your options and to help you decide if filing a short-term disability claim is a viable option.

If you’re struggling with a work-related injury and aren’t sure how to proceed, don’t wait. Schedule a consultation with Anesi Ozmon, LTD. today and let our legal team help you better understand your unique situation.