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Lawyers Dedicated To Fighting Elder Abuse In Illinois

At a stage in life when our parents and other elderly family members are most fragile, we trust a nursing home will be the safest place for them. Unfortunately, these facilities often fail to take even the most basic measures to protect them. When a nursing home or another long-term care facility fails to properly staff and care for elderly residents, they can suffer from bedsores, infections and falls. Physical and emotional abuse or neglect can also occur when a facility does not properly screen its staff before hiring, or when staff members are not properly supervised.

If an elderly relative has been neglected or abused in a nursing home or another long-term care facility, our lawyers can help you. At Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd., we hold the negligent individuals and facilities responsible for the unnecessary suffering your loved one has endured. Our attorneys have been standing up for the rights of the injured in the Chicago area since 1955. We are dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation available for victims and their loved ones and to preventing future incidents of nursing home neglect and abuse.

Other common injuries and abuse resulting from nursing home negligence include:

  • Falls due to inadequate staff or poor safety measures
  • Failure to provide or follow a proper care plan
  • Pressure ulcers (bedsores)
  • Improper transfers of people, causing falls and broken bones
  • An elderly person wandering off (elopement)
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse (assault and battery)
  • Sexual abuse

The fact is that the elderly are more vulnerable to violence, neglect and abuse. Our lawyers are dedicated to fighting for you and your family.

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