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Helping Workers Injured In Forklift Accidents

The use of forklifts on the job puts workers at risk. Forklift accidents are common in warehouses and other settings such as at construction sites. After a serious or catastrophic injury occurs in connection with forklift operation, our personal injury attorneys look at factors, including the following:

  • Were OSHA regulations violated?
  • Was there insufficient maintenance of the forklift?
  • Was there a defective part or component of the forklift?
  • Was there inadequate training of the person using the forklift?
  • Was another person or organization to blame because of some external factor that negatively affected the forklift’s ability to operate it properly?

Keep in mind that a jury sometimes decides that in a given accident, such as a forklift accident in a warehouse, there is shared responsibility among various parties. When we represent workers injured in forklift accidents, we fight to ensure the most favorable outcome for them in workers’ compensation claims and appeals as well as in third-party liability personal injury claims and lawsuits.

Serious Accidents Require Serious Legal Help

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