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We Protect Workers Injured In On-The-Job Crashes

If you have been injured in a car accident in the course of your employment, you are likely to have a viable workers’ compensation claim against your employer’s insurer. At the same time, you may have a third-party liability claim against another motorist whose negligence contributed to the accident.

Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd., in Chicago, is a valuable resource for workers injured on the job in car accidents in Illinois. Our law firm has a distinguished record in all areas of personal injury law, as well as worker’s compensation law. Our numerous sizable verdicts and settlements speak for themselves. Our attorneys can help ensure that your injury claim receives the detailed investigation that it deserves. Our goal at all times is to ensure that our clients are fully compensated for injuries that occur in car accidents and other types of accidents and that injured workers are compensated to the maximums allowable by law.

We invite you to schedule a free initial consultation. At this consultation, we will explore questions and concerns unique to the circumstances of your car accident on the job:

  • What if you were driving your own car as a private contractor, traveling from one work site to another at the request of whoever is hiring you to do work at different locations?
  • What if you were driving your own car during working hours, as an employee, for work purposes?
  • What if you were driving a company car during work time?
  • What if you were driving a company car for personal use during off-hours, with permission from your employer?

These are but a few of the unique types of accidents that we handle. Our lawyers draw on our law firm’s years of experience as well as our up-to-date knowledge of current legal developments. Contact us after suffering an injury in a car accident on the job in Illinois. Schedule a free initial consultation.

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