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The workers’ compensation lawyers at Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd. in Chicago are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals who suffer injuries on the job.

When a worker is disabled and cannot return to their job after an on-the-job injury, they are entitled to receive weekly benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act. These benefits are referred to as TTD (Temporary Total Disability) benefits. TTD benefits are paid at the rate of 2/3 of the employee’s weekly wage averaged from the year before the accident.

These benefits have minimum and maximum amounts set by the state of Illinois. The act precludes the inclusion of overtime when calculating the average weekly wage. Under special circumstances, however, overtime may be included. The lawyers at Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd. know how to get overtime hours included.

There are different methods used to compute an injured employee’s average weekly wage. Having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney protecting your rights can increase the amount paid in TTD benefits by hundreds of dollars a week. Workers who reside in states such as Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky but maintain contact with an Illinois company, or are hurt in the state of Illinois, may be entitled to Illinois Workers’ Compensation benefits.

No benefits are paid for the first three days lost from work, unless the lost time continues for 14 days or more after the date of injury. Written notice of the employer’s denial of benefits must be sent within 14 days of the injury. If temporary total disability benefits are not paid within 14 days, and the employer cannot justify the delay in payment, the employer may be subject to penalties under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

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Having one of Illinois’ most experienced, respected and aggressive workers’ compensation attorney is critical. In order to secure the maximum compensation available under the law on behalf of injured construction workers or any other employee who has been injured on the job, contact our Illinois workers’ compensation law firm to schedule a free initial consultation.


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