Top 50 Personal Injury Verdicts Award

Congratulations to Associate Lisa M. Ciharan whose $500,000 verdict was named among the Top 50 Personal Injury Verdicts in Illinois in 2019. The $500,000 verdict tied for 22 among the 50 verdicts. 

The verdict was awarded in Milem v. PC State LLC, where a 68-year-old woman tripped and fell as she was descending a 10.25” stair riser at a restaurant in Chicago (Hash House A Go Go) which exceeded the 7.5” maximum height allowed in under the Chicago Building Code ordinance. Mrs. Milem sustained a fractured right ankle, requiring open reduction internal fixation surgery, and a fractured right wrist, leaving her unable to work for three months. 

Despite the defense’s argument that Mrs. Milem was contributorily negligent for failing to keep a proper lookout as she was descending the stairs, the jury determined that Mrs. Milem was in no way responsible. The jury found that her fall was entirely the result of Defendant’s negligence and the cause of Mrs. Milem’s injuries. Congratulations Lisa! 

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