Additional Testimonials

Lamont Mccune, June 24, 2021:
My attorney's name was Jennifer Kelly. She provided assistance with a workman's compcase, which lasted for approximately 3 yrs. She was able to attain $80,000. Jennifer encouraged me to not accept the first 2 offers. I'm so pleased that I listened and gained some acceptance/patience! Jennifer always responsed back whenever I needed to communicate. She was always pleasant and professional. She is also very intelligent and client centered! In conclusion, I would definitely have her as my representative again and I would certainly recommend her to my close friends and or relatives!! Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Martindale-Hubbell, April 7, 2021:

I've worked with this attorney a couple of times and he's very precise with his work. Mr. Alter and his secrtary Crystal are a great team as they handled my case(s). They responded quickly to my calls as well as returned calls at their earliest convenience. My case(s) were investigated thoroughly and prompt. Know having an attorney that answers calls on the weekends is an attorney you can count on, so I highly recommend Mr. Alter and this law firm to anyone seeking a great work comp attorney
Endorsements: Compassionate, Determined, Good at explaining, Knowledgeable, Organized, Professional, Reliable, Responsive, Trustworthy, Won my case!

Rich Mortlock, March 15, 2021:

David Figlioli had been with me from the beginning of my difficult Worker's Compensation case as an injured firefighter. He guided me through the process of payroll, PSEBA Benefits, What to expect from Physical Therapy and making sure I had the right medical care for my injuries. As my future pension benefits were "On the Line", David was instrumental in making sure I correctly applied for a disability pension based on my injuries and stood next to me at my pension hearing as I plead my case with the pension board.

David was instrumental in guiding me through my nearly five year W/C case and always gave me the facts of what could or could not happen and allowed ME to make my own decisions with his guidance. David helped secure future medical payments through a Medicare Set Aside for my injuries. If you are in Law Enforcement or a firefighter, I wholeheartedly recommend David Figlioli and Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen!

Joseph Homolka, August 25, 2020:
I just want to let you know between Jennifer and Lisa, you two are awesome attorneys and I will recommend you both till the end! I love your service and positivity throughout the process! Thank you both for all you have done!!! I honestly felt so comfortable with your service from the start! I can't thank you both enough! HONESTLY!
Eddie Foster, June 15, 2020:
I would just like to say to everyone at the firm, this is about Jeff Alter, I know that you all there have large and much more profitable cases then mine, the people that Jeff and his secretary had to deal with are simply scandals and that is being polite, but Jeff and his wonderful secretary faught for me and my Family, I was off work over this for over a year. Medical bills.... just alot of uncertancy fear and just being takin greatly advantage of, my settlement is only a few dollars, less than $4000, this is in no way do to lack of working hard and vigorously for me [sic].
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