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$1.7 Million Settlement For Ironworker’s Career-Ending Injury

Partners Brian Teven and Doug Colby obtained a settlement in excess of $1.7 million for a Local 63 Ironworker.  Our 59-year-old client was moving a cart full of steel at a jobsite when the cart came into contact with a base plate on the ground. This caused the cart to tip over, and the bundles of steel to fall onto our client’s foot, causing a severe crush injury. Our client underwent multiple surgeries and was ultimately prevented from going back to work as an Ironworker.

The defendants in the case argued that they were not responsible for the injuries because our client chose the method of transporting the steel on his own, and that he never made any complaints about the base plates on the ground. We successfully argued that these defendants should have known that our client was working in a hazardous area and should have provided him a safe method to move the steel. Ultimately, we were able to convince the defendants after multiple mediation conferences to fully resolve the matter to compensate our client for his extensive damages.