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Back injuries on the job, even in manual labor fields such as construction, are not inevitable. OSHA regulations spell out countless ways that contractors and laborers can prevent back injuries. Proper equipment, protective gear and safety procedures all help prevent back injuries in the workplace.

After a back injury occurs on the job, there are several areas of concern and investigation that must be addressed simultaneously:

  • Medical needs of the injured person
  • Determination of causes of the accident
  • Inventorying sources and types of compensation available to pay medical bills and replace lost wages

Upon investigation, specialists often determine that back injuries at work were caused by factors such as the following:

  • Workers were not provided with proper mechanical lifting equipment that could have avoided risk to the person responsible for moving heavy materials.
  • OSHA regulations about safe load bearing for workers were violated.
  • Safety codes were not followed.
  • Impractical and unrealistic expectations for workers were a reality at a given workplace, setting the scene for trauma and disasters waiting to happen.

Chicago Back Injury Attorneys Protecting the Legal Rights of Injured Workers in Illinois

If you have arrived at this website because you severely injured your back lifting goods in a warehouse, our workplace injury lawyers welcome your inquiry. During a free initial consultation, we may explore key questions such as:

  • Could a forklift, elevator or other machine or device have lifted the load that you were carrying or moving at the time of your back injury? Was this type of support for workers missing in the workplace? Or, did a supervisor’s direction, poor equipment maintenance, performance quotas or other factors deter you from protecting yourself?

Discuss this and other important issues with one of our workplace injury attorneys. Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd. advises and guides clients through the processes of filing Workers’ Compensation claims as well as appeals in the event that benefits are denied. At the same time, we evaluate every on-the-job injury case for third-party liability.

After a Back Injury or Spinal Cord Injury, Our Lawyers in Illinois Offer Free Consultations

Was your back seriously injured on the job? See our booklet, A Summary of the Rights and Benefits Available to Injured Workers Under Illinois Law. This short booklet is written in straightforward question-and-answer format and provides a fundamental introduction for injured workers, providing clear information about such topics as medical benefits and lost time benefits.

Read about successful verdicts and settlements that we have obtained in the area of Workers’ Compensation. Also see comments from satisfied clients.

Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Chicago back injury attorneys after an accident at work.

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