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The burden of proof in a Workers’ Compensation case is on the employee. An injured worker must demonstrate that he or she has been injured on the job, needs medical care and in cases resulting in short-term or long-term disability, cannot return to work for some length of time.

Once a Workers’ Comp case has been approved through a well-documented claim and if necessary, appeals, the injured worker is entitled to benefits to cover medical care and replace wages for a period of time. In the case of permanent total disability or permanent partial disability, a worker will be entitled to ongoing payments.

However, sometimes a Workers’ Compensation carrier will later claim that these payments are no longer appropriate, and may cut off the injured worker’s benefits. In the event that claims are denied initially or after payments have begun, a worker may appeal through the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission.

Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd., a long-established Workers’ Compensation law firm in Chicago, has a proven track record of favorable outcomes on behalf of clients facing disputes with the commission. We are well qualified to advise clients on the strengths of a lump-sum settlement offer. In addition, we fight to ensure that our clients are compensated at the highest level: for example, as having permanent total disabilities rather than permanent partial disabilities, or permanent disability rather than temporary disability.

Workers’ Compensation and Lump-Sum Payouts — Lawyers in Illinois Can Help You Determine How and Whether to Accept

Injured on the job? See our booklet, A Summary of the Rights and Benefits Available to Injured Workers Under Illinois Law. This short booklet is written in straightforward question-and-answer format and provides a fundamental introduction for injured workers, providing clear information about such topics as medical benefits and lost time benefits.

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