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For more than 55 years, the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd., have represented victims of personal injury and wrongful death in Illinois. Clients come to us when they have experienced a serious and/or disabling injury, or have lost a loved one, and they are experiencing the resulting upheaval that often changes their lives.

Our law firm dedicates its talents and resources to making sure its clients receive the maximum available compensation in the following areas:

Our experienced lawyers have helped thousands of people recover physically and financially from devastating injuries such as:

Clients appreciate our responsiveness, our clear strategy and our results. Our approach to client service and the practice of personal injury and workers’ compensation law has resulted in many successful settlements and verdicts.

We start by listening to our clients.

Below are some of the questions we receive frequently that we feel may be of help to any person beginning the process of obtaining the best legal care possible.

Question: If I am a victim of personal injury or a witness to an occurrence, do I have to give a statement?

Answer: You are not under any legal obligation to speak with an insurance adjuster or investigator for the opposing side. You need not speak to them all. Whether you are a victim or a witness, you have an absolute right to speak to an attorney prior to any such statement or interview as well as an absolute right to have that attorney present at the time of questioning. It is important to know the law because any statement taken will be designed to negate your claim.

Question: Do I have to sign an authorization to allow disclosure of my medical records or employment records?

Answer: You are not under any legal obligation to sign any authorizations without first consulting a lawyer. An insurance adjuster or investigator may tell you that you must sign these types of documents in order to have your claim processed. Once you sign these types of documents, you may be waiving your right to object to the disclosure of any irrelevant or private information that should not be disclosed in relation to your claim.

Question: Do I have to allow a claim adjuster to speak to my doctor?

Answer: You are not under any obligation to waive your right to the protection of the doctor-patient privilege. There is no reason that you must authorize an insurance adjuster, representative or investigator from the opposing side to speak to your physician or even to any member of your physician’s staff.

Question: Can I select my own doctor?

Answer: You are entirely free to seek the care and treatment of the physician, primary care doctor, hospital or clinic of your choice.

Question: What if the insurance representative or claim adjuster is “being nice” to me and “cooperating” with me, should I still exercise my right to consult with an attorney?

Answer: Insurance companies train their adjusters and investigators to “gain your confidence” and make you feel like you do not need a lawyer or that if you contact a lawyer, it will result in delays or reduced recovery. This strategy is designed and tested to work to the benefit of the insurance company – not to your benefit. Consulting a lawyer to obtain an opinion as to your rights is always prudent.

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The Anesi Ozmon name is one of the most recognized names among union workers injured on the job in Illinois. Our personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys work together on your third-party and workers’ compensation claims to maximize your recovery for your injury. Firms that refer one or the other case to another law firm cannot offer this same level of coordination, cooperation and efficient handling of your claims.

Anesi Ozmon has a long history of fighting for injured construction workers and union members. To arrange a consultation, call 312-372-3822 or toll free at 800-458-3822, or contact our lawyers online.

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