Walk-In Clinic & Urgent Care Errors

Walk-In Clinic Malpractice Attorneys in Chicago

While convenient, some walk-in clinics utilize cost-saving measures in an effort to maximize their profits. When gain is measured by seeing the maximum number of patients in the shortest amount of time possible, this means that some medical providers take reckless shortcuts that have the potential to seriously harm their patients.

At Anesi Ozmon, we hold physicians, nurses and clinics responsible for injuries stemming from misdiagnosis, infections, medication errors and failure to diagnose a medical condition. The experienced attorneys at our Chicago firm are committed to making sure you receive the maximum possible compensation for your walk-in clinic malpractice claim.

Medical Malpractice Claims Due to Urgent Care Errors

Like walk-in clinics, people often choose urgent care clinics because they are convenient. When someone is injured after normal business hours, people often go to an urgent care clinic if they believe the injury is not serious enough to require a visit to the emergency room.

Doctors at urgent care clinics are not trained emergency room physicians. A hasty diagnosis in an effort to treat patients quickly can result in life-altering injuries or death. According to a recent Journal of the American Medical Association study, outpatient clinics account for nearly half of all medical malpractice claims. Of those claims, the majority are physician malpractice claims due to misdiagnosis.

Diagnostic errors are not the only source of negligence at urgent care centers. Many of the staff at these walk-in clinics do not receive adequate training or pay sufficient attention to patient safety.

At Anesi Ozmon, our lawyers know you have the right to expect the same level of care at an urgent care as you would at any other facility. We are here to stand up for your rights. If you would like to speak to a lawyer to discuss your claim, contact our law firm online or by telephone at 312-372-3822 or toll free at 800-458-3822.

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