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On May 9, 2011, a crane at a South Side bridge at 99th and Genoa in Chicago tipped over, striking a construction worker in the chest and severely injuring him. This is but one example of the countless crane accidents that have occurred in and around Chicago and elsewhere throughout Illinois and elsewhere.

Details differ from one crane disaster incident to another, but outcomes of serious injuries or deaths are all too familiar. These mishaps serve as a reminder of the hazards of workers’ proximity to heavy machinery and equipment at construction sites. Some crane accidents may be considered “freak accidents.” In most cases, however, negligence by responsible parties is the underlying cause of a crane accident. A detailed investigation will help determine liability.

When a crane accident causes injury, injuries are often severe, catastrophic or fatal. A traumatic head injury, a spinal cord injury, an amputation, a crush injury or broken bones will mean great expenses and losses for an injured worker (or passerby) and his or her family members.

Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd. has been a standard-bearer in personal injury law for many years. Our Chicago crane accident attorneys have helped countless injured construction workers and surviving family members recover compensation. See our list of sizable settlements and verdicts achieved in construction accident cases, including an $8 million combined settlement for a carpenter who was rendered paraplegic after being knocked off a wall by a crane during a residential construction project. See our sampling of comments from satisfied clients.

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Injured in a crane accident on the job? See our booklet, A Summary of the Rights and Benefits Available to Injured Workers Under Illinois Law. This short booklet is written in straightforward question-and-answer format and provides a fundamental introduction for injured workers, providing clear information about such topics as medical benefits and lost time benefits.

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