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Helping Emergency Room Negligence Victims

In times of crisis, people depend on emergency rooms for quality medical care. Yet, the rapid pace of emergency rooms, coupled with limited staffing, lack of medical records and sometimes poor communication between medical staff, creates an environment that is prone to medical error. This danger is present in emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, walk-in clinics and other high-speed medical care environments.

At Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd., we know these mistakes happen far more often than they should. The attorneys at our Chicago firm understand what causes emergency room errors, and we know how to help individuals and their families. We are experienced medical malpractice litigators. Since our inception in 1955, our firm has developed a reputation as a leader in this complex practice of law. We utilize this knowledge to maximize the recovery for each of our clients. Our attorneys evaluate your case from all angles to ensure we are looking after all of your interests.

Holding Medical Staff And Hospitals Accountable For Malpractice

Individuals entering an emergency room or similar facility are typically seen by a triage nurse who evaluates the seriousness of their condition. Critical cases are immediately seen by a doctor. Doctors are under pressure to treat patients quickly and must diagnose and treat their patients based on the information they have.

Unfortunately, doctors do not always get the full story because they may not have access to a patient’s medical records or because a vital piece of information was not conveyed. A failure to relay vital signs, properly document all of the symptoms present or communicate relevant information during a shift change can lead to life-threatening complications.

Doctors are responsible for evaluating patients thoroughly based on the symptoms they present. Individuals complaining of chest pains or severe headaches should not be sent home until the diagnostic testing has been completed to rule out a heart attack or stroke. Failure to adequately diagnose these conditions could be emergency room malpractice.

Other possible signs of malpractice may include:

These cases frequently require medical experts to prove that an emergency room error is a malpractice. At Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen Ltd., we use an extensive network of health care professionals to help you obtain the best recovery possible.

Medical Malpractice Claims Due To Urgent Care Errors

Like walk-in clinics, people often choose urgent care clinics because they are convenient. When someone is injured after normal business hours, people often go to an urgent care clinic if they believe the injury is not serious enough to require a visit to the emergency room.

Doctors at urgent care clinics are not trained emergency room physicians. A hasty diagnosis in an effort to treat patients quickly can result in life-altering injuries or death. According to a recent Journal of the American Medical Association study, outpatient clinics account for nearly half of all medical malpractice claims. Of those claims, the majority are physician malpractice claims due to misdiagnosis.

Diagnostic errors are not the only source of negligence at urgent care centers. Many of the staff at these walk-in clinics do not receive adequate training or pay sufficient attention to patient safety.

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