$625,000 Settlement for Fall Injury Caused by Faulty Railing

Associate Patrick Blum obtained a $625,000 settlement for a 55-year-old man who suffered injuries, requiring surgery, after falling nearly six feet to the ground due to a faulty railing. The man was attempting to hang a potted plant from a hook located above his garage door when he fell and suffered injuries.  He lived in a housing development managed by a homeowners association that was named as the defendant.   On the date of the incident, the client was standing on his front porch that is next to and raised above the garage door approximately 5-6 feet.  The porch’s height gave him better access to the hook he was intending to hang the plant.  Due to the porch’s height, it had a protective metal railing around it to prevent anyone from falling.  The railing was installed when the complex was constructed but was managed and maintained by the homeowners association.  Our client was leaning against the railing to hang the plant, like he had done in the previous years he lived at the house. However, on this day, as he was leaning against the railing, it broke away from the concrete porch at the base of...

$1.7 Million Settlement for Ironworker’s Career-Ending Injury

Partners Brian Teven and Doug Colby obtained a settlement in excess of $1.7 million for a Local 63 Ironworker.  Our 59-year-old client was moving a cart full of steel at a jobsite when the cart came into contact with a base plate on the ground. This caused the cart to tip over, and the bundles of steel to fall onto our client’s foot, causing a severe crush injury. Our client underwent multiple surgeries and was ultimately prevented from going back to work as an Ironworker.   The defendants in the case argued that they were not responsible for the injuries because our client chose the method of transporting the steel on his own, and that he never made any complaints about the base plates on the ground. We successfully argued that these defendants should have known that our client was working in a hazardous area and should have provided him a safe method to move the steel. Ultimately, we were able to convince the defendants after multiple mediation conferences to fully resolve the matter to compensate our client for his extensive damages.


Associate Hayley Graham tried the first in-person workers’ compensation hearing during the COVID-19 pandemic in Chicago on June 15. Hayley received a very favorable award of all benefits at trial. Our client is a beer delivery driver, who delivers 5,000 cases of beer each week, unloading and stocking the product in large grocery and liquor stores.  The constant heavy lifting on a daily basis caused an injury to his lumbar spine and he suffered a herniated disc. His injury was exacerbated by stepping awkwardly off the back of his truck, which led to the need for surgery.  The workers’ compensation insurance company disputed the injury, arguing that it was not a result of his job-related duties, but the result of regular wear and tear on the spine. The insurance company denied all benefits, including payment for his time off work, medical expenses and for the permanent nature of the injuries. The Arbitrator disagreed and issued a trial award in our favor, finding that the injury was work related and directing the insurance company to pay for all of the client’s medical treatment and time missed from work. Additionally, the Arbitrator found that the client had...
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