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Local 1 Ironworker – Workers’ Compensation Case Testimonial

Jun 16, 2015 | Firm News

“My illness has tempered my reaction to receiving the amazing settlement YOU negotiated for me.  Doug, I want to thank you and Anesi Ozmon for protecting my rights and, because my work injuries left me disabled and unable to work, allowing me to live my post-accident life with dignity.  Because of my family’s long time involvement in the Union Labor movement I have met many different people who claim to be advocates for working people, be it someone running for political or union office, third party administrators who wanted access to our benefit funds and trial attorneys who wanted to represent either the membership of my father’s carpenter local or my ironworker local.  As a certified apprentice instructor, former OSHA outreach instructor, and a certified Comet trainer, with a Bachelor’s degree, I know quite a bit about the labor movement and the history of working men and women in America.  

There are only a few advocates for working people: true Democrat politicians; Labor Unions and Trial Attorneys like yourself. Not once in the decade since my accident have I ever felt that you were worried about anything other than my well-being.  The many hours you spent protecting are probably worth much more than what your firm received but I could tell that never once did you put what was in Anesi Law’s best interest which would be to settle fast and get a large return on a small amount of time, but only what was in my best interest. You and your firm are the finest advocates for working people I have had the pleasure to come across. 

Once again thank you for allowing me to live with dignity and know that I will be able to provide for my son.  If not for you, my son would not have been able to attend college and with the trust we are setting up, I can be at peace that he will always be taken care of.”

Client, Local 1 Ironworker



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