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How is a personal injury attorney paid? Can you afford it?

Jul 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you are hurt, one of the things you should look into is seeking legal assistance. Many people shy away from doing so, because they aren’t sure if they can afford to work with an attorney. Beneficially, many attorneys do work on contingency.

An attorney who works on a contingency basis invests in your case and intends to win it. Why? If they don’t win, they don’t get paid. As a result of this pay structure, they are incentivized to get you the best results possible.

Not all attorneys work on contingency

You should note that not all attorneys work on contingency. Some of them work on hourly rates or will have flat fees. When you decide to work with an attorney, you should make sure to ask about their payment requirements. Do they ask for hourly pay and round up to the next hour if you go over? Do they offer flat fees for certain things, like office meetings or virtual calls? Or, better yet, do they work on contingency and only take a portion of your award rather than charging you up front?

Knowing how your attorney is paid can help you decide who you’d like to work with. With contingencies, you should be sure to find out how the contingency works. Will the attorney take a percentage of the award you receive if they win the case? Will they bill specific hours spent on the case on a per-hour basis but not take those fees unless you win? Be clear about what they mean by working on a contingency basis before you agree.

Can you get a free consultation?

Many personal injury attorneys do offer free consultations to their potential clients. This is so they can get to know the case a little bit and decide if they believe it is likely to be won. If so, they may agree to the case and take it on, so that they can help the victim get the compensation they need. With a free consultation and contingency-based free structure, it’s possible that a victim may never have to pay a dime out of their own pocket up front.



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