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Do some phones distract drivers more than others?

Jun 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving has always been an issue. Even before cars existed, people crashed their horse-drawn wagons because they were not paying attention.

Yet, smartphones have caused the most significant increase in distracted driving and deaths or injuries due to it. A new study suggests that the type of phone you use could affect your propensity to use it while driving.

Android versus iPhone: How distracted driving among users shakes out

A 2021 survey by The Zebra quizzed drivers about how often they used their phones while driving and how they used them.

The survey found that 55% more of those with Android phones admitted using their phone while driving. Only 40% of those with Apple phones admitted to doing the same. Does this mean Apple phones distract you less? Not according to answers given to different questions the survey asked the year before.

In 2020 59% of Apple users said they felt a high pressure to respond to a text. For Android phones, that figure was 18%. When looking at video calls, 70% of Apple users video said they chatted while driving, compared to 24% of Android users.

The report does not explain the incongruity between the two sets of data. Yet, one thing is clear from the responses: far too many people use their phones while driving. 

The only safe phone in a car is one you do not use

Regardless of what phone you use, you have options to make it less distracting. For example, you can turn off notifications, put the phone out of sight, or turn it off. If a driver crashes into you and injures you, they may have been using their phone at the time. Discovering they were can help place the blame for the crash where it is due.



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