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Anesi Ozmon Partner Steven A. Berman Obtains $1.75 Million Settlement for Injured Teen

Jun 14, 2018 | Firm News

Chicago, IL – Partner Steven A. Berman, of Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen, Ltd. (Anesi Ozmon), obtained a $1.75 million settlement in a personal injury action. Anesi Ozmon filed suit against Clowning Around Entertainment on behalf a 17-year-old, St. Charles, Ill., student who suffered a traumatic brain injury after he was struck in the head by an amusement ride at a post-prom event.

The student was riding on a “bungee bull” amusement ride that was brought to the post prom-event and set up in the school gym, along with other inflatable rides, by Clowning Around employees. The ride was being operated by other high-school students without supervision from the on-site representative of Clowning Around Entertainment. During its operation, a spring-loaded carabiner that secured the bottom of the bull to the base by a chain came loose and struck the student in the head. This caused a concussion that led to chronic headaches and migraines. Although the Defendant argued that there was nothing wrong with the equipment, Anesi Ozmon’s investigation and subsequent expert witness testimony proved that Clowning Around Inc., used improper and unsafe equipment to secure the base of the bull.

“Our client’s injury could have been avoided had the company taken safety seriously and secured the base of the amusement ride properly. Whether it’s a backyard party or a school-sponsored event, parents should be able to expect safe set-up of the equipment and proper supervision,” said Berman. “We negotiated a settlement for Jesse which will provide our client with the opportunity to pursue the career aspirations he had prior to this traumatic episode.”

The Plaintiff filed suit in Cook County.



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