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A Labor of Love

Sep 3, 2020 | Firm News

By Ronald Smith

The Anesi Ozmon team celebrates each Labor Day with one focus: the American Union Worker. Through your tenacious spirit, unyielding drive to keep America going “strong,” and impenetrable work ethic, our country continues to thrive during these uncertain times. In 1894, to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of American Union Workers, U.S. President Grover Cleveland designated the first Monday in September of every year as “Labor Day.” Thousands of unions across our country represent employees in professions that include but are not limited to the following: construction workers, trade professionals, railroad personnel, service industry employees, truck drivers, librarians, first responders, and countless others. Unions recognize the unpredictable nature of their members’ work environments and rise unfailingly to meet the challenges that are faced in the workplace by providing inimitable protection and representation. 

As a retired police officer with 28 years of service, I witnessed the solidarity of a union which spoke for those whose single voices went historically unacknowledged. Our union spoke loudly and fervently for us during collective bargaining negotiations, disciplinary situations, and matters that arose as a result of our employment. They provided safety nets throughout challenging times by maintaining a level playing field, namely by providing a solid contract that held administration and employees to equally high levels of conduct and responsibility. I recall reading an article, titled “On Labor Day, Workers Celebrate the Benefits of Union Membership,” in which a union worker named Shukimba Carlis aptly described union membership as enjoying the right to fair and equitable treatment, having collective bargaining, and possessing a contract “that states our rights and our resources.” 

This year as we proudly celebrate Labor Day and the American Union Workers who ensure safety and comfort in our lives, it serves us well to recognize what truly makes this federal holiday worth commending. Throughout these incomparable times of civil unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic, which have both caused unprecedented levels of fear and anxiety, the American people can rest knowing that the resolve of union workers will not be compromised. 

Having worked with many of you on cases at Anesi Ozmon, I have developed an unparalleled respect for our clients and am confident in proclaiming that without your dedication and skilled labor, our country would suffer irreparable damage. Let’s always remember that competent representation remains a crucial component to ensuring the rights of the American Union Worker. As a result of your tireless commitment to the country you serve, we as a nation take pause on this Labor Day and salute your enthusiasm. Anesi Ozmon tips its hat to you every day and is proud to serve in your corner. 

Ronald Smith is a consultant for Anesi Ozmon and was represented by the Metropolitan Alliance of Police Union while serving as a police officer in DuPage County, Illinois.



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