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3 steps to take after suffering an injury in a car crash

Sep 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been injured in a collision, there are a series of things that you need to do to get the help you need as well as the financial support that you deserve. Taking these steps will help you document your injuries and be sure that you can contact the other party involved.

When you’re injured, taking these steps makes it easier for you to get medical care while protecting your right to a claim. Here’s what you should do after a crash.

  1. Call 911 for help

The first step you should take is to call 911. When you call, describe the other people involved, the vehicles around you and the ways in which you are injured. If you have passengers or know that other people involved in the crash were hurt as well, let the operator know. This will start the documentation of the crash and create a recording where you reported injuries.

  1. Seek medical attention

The next step is to seek medical attention. Your priority should be getting medical care for yourself or others. If you’re offered a ride to the hospital in the ambulance, take it and get seen by a medical professional.

If you think you can wait to see your primary care doctor, stay at the scene and let the police know that you will be seeking care. You can also inform the other driver if they are still at the scene.

  1. Check the police report when seeking legal help

Finally, you’ll want to look into legal options for seeking compensation after a collision. When you do this, it’s smart to ask to see the police report and to ask to made amendments to that report if there is something that doesn’t appear accurate.

The police report, combined with the 911 call and medical documentation, can be used to help you make a strong case against the other driver for compensation. You may be able to gather further information, such as medical bills or photos of the scene of the crash, to build your case more and ask for a fair settlement.



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