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Operating Engineer Previously Denied Workers Comp Receives Six-Figure Settlement after Anesi Ozmon Partner Jeffrey M. Alter Takes on Employer

A Local #150 operating engineer seriously injured his back at work. Incredibly, his employer completely denied his claim for workers' compensation benefits. Partner Jeffrey M. Alter took on the case and proceeded to trial on behalf of the worker. After being brought to their knees, the company settled the claim for $125,000.00 and was required to also pay all of the worker's medical expenses. Justice done. Congrats to Jeffrey M. Alter!

Jennifer J.C. Kelly, Partner at Anesi Ozmon, featured in CLM Workers’ Compensation Magazine: The Forum–Summer 2017 Issue

Congratulations to Jennifer J.C. Kelly, Partner at Anesi Ozmon, whose expertise and insights on ethical dilemmas in the workers’ compensation field were featured in the Summer 2017 issue of CLM - WC Magazine. The magazine covers trends and topics of interest to professionals in the injury litigation industry. Jennifer has represented petitioners in workers’ compensation cases at Anesi Ozmon since 2013 and was promoted to partner this past spring. Please click here to read the complete article.

Anesi, Ozmon, Rodin, Novak & Kohen, Ltd. Estate Planning for U.S. Residents that Own Real Estate in Mexico

Every person in Illinois or anywhere in the United States should do basic estate planning including a will and powers of attorney for property and healthcare.  As you know, a will is a legal document that controls what will happen to your assets when you are gone.  By doing a will, you can make sure your family and friends know who you want to handle your affairs after your death and who you want to receive your house, car, bank accounts and anything else you own. In addition to owning property in the United States, many Illinois residents originally from Mexico own real estate there.  Other people with relatives in Mexico may inherit real estate there when family members pass away.  If you own real estate in Mexico now or will likely do so in the future, you need to address that in your estate planning. (more…)
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