Anesi Ozmon Attorney Steve Wade was Featured in the ISBA Trust & Estates Newsletter, “Settling Wrongful Death and Survival Claims In (and Out of) Probate Court.”

Steve Wade’s article explains how to finalize settlements of wrongful death claims and personal injury claims brought by estates and guardianships.  This is a highly specialized area of the law in which Anesi Ozmon has significant expertise.  Some of our clients are the families of people killed on the job or in car accidents or other tragedies.  Other clients are so badly injured that it is necessary for a guardian to be appointed for them.   Our clients also include children who have been hurt at school or in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.  As a consequence, Anesi Ozmon has decades of experience helping families with decedent’s estates, disabled adult guardianships and minor guardianships.  This in-house expertise allows us to effectively and efficiently represent our clients and their families concerning all aspects of their injury cases.  It also allows our clients to limit the additional costs and expenses associated with decedent estates and guardianships. Furthermore, as noted in Steve’s article, our knowledge and experience include finalizing the settlement of wrongful death claims and cases involving the estates and guardianships of injured or deceased clients.  Specifically, Anesi Ozmon can lead our clients through the process of finalizing settlements while avoiding potential pitfalls and delays in the process.  From start to finish, our clients have only Anesi Ozmon attorneys representing them through all aspects of their cases, including decedent estates and guardianships.  This allows us to efficiently achieve excellent results for our clients.  Read full article click on the LINK.

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