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New Electronic Logbooks for Semi-Trucks Coming in September

Despite hours-of-service rules that limit how long semi-truck drivers can stay on the road, many truck operators keep driving long after the law requires them to stop and rest. A new rule set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT) aims to reduce the number of fatigue-related truck accidents by requiring commercial drivers to use electronic logbooks – also knowns as e-logs or electronic hours of service recorders (EHSRs). Although the DOT stated previously that the final rules would not be published until 2016, the agency has moved the rule publication date up to September 30, 2015. (more…)

Local 1 Ironworker – Workers’ Compensation Case Testimonial

"My illness has tempered my reaction to receiving the amazing settlement YOU negotiated for me.  Doug, I want to thank you and Anesi Ozmon for protecting my rights and, because my work injuries left me disabled and unable to work, allowing me to live my post-accident life with dignity.  Because of my family's long time involvement in the Union Labor movement I have met many different people who claim to be advocates for working people, be it someone running for political or union office, third party administrators who wanted access to our benefit funds and trial attorneys who wanted to represent either the membership of my father's carpenter local or my ironworker local.  As a certified apprentice instructor, former OSHA outreach instructor, and a certified Comet trainer, with a Bachelor’s degree, I know quite a bit about the labor movement and the history of working men and women in America.   (more…)
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